Covered Patio Storage

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NirajNiraj, Toronto
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Covered Patio Storage

I have 32 sq ft of space in a 4-foot high enclosure on my balcony that can protect items from the elements in winter. If you'd like to store something that might get damaged outside on your patio, or if a tarp is not enough, then this might be an option. I built it for storage but I cleaned out a lot and have the space available. It surprisingly stays warm(-er) in there during the winter -- it has 2-layers of 6-mil poly sheeting for wind, water protection and insulation. I'm saying it's climate-controlled but really it's a good covered outdoor space where things won't freeze inside. One side is open for access and there's wood there to seal the enclosure shut with screws as well. If left open, no issue since jetstream blows in the other direction so snow doesn't drift inside and the southern exposure provides some heat even in the middle of Feb. Contact for more info.

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