SpaceiShare understands the importance of trust and safety within our community. To ensure our members feel 100% comfortable, here's what we offer:


SpaceiShare Assurance

To give SpaceiShare members absolute peace of mind, all Hosts and Renters will be protected under SpaceiShare Assurance up to $2,500.

Member authentication
Member Authentication

Through person-to-person and 3rd party verification technology, we authenticate each and every Host and Renter.


To help build trust between users, SpaceiShare encourages all Hosts and Renters to review each other. SpaceiShare gives members the option to rate each other through a written review and/or star rating.

Secure payments
Secure Payments

SpaceiShare uses PayPal to process all transactions. With PayPal, all member information is automatically encrypted and all credit cards and bank numbers are stored on servers that aren’t directly connected to the internet.

Member profiles
Member Profiles

All members will be required to include a profile photo and are asked to link to at least one other online profile such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

SpaceiShare email
SpaceiShare Email

To make things easier and safer for members, all communications will be through SpaceiShare Email. You’ll never have to worry about finding an old email or searching for a member’s contact information.

SSL certificate
SSL Certificate

Having a SSL Certificate ensures that all SpaceiShare user information is protected and encrypted.