I'm always told that my home is super unique and would be perfect for photo/film shoots or gallery openings, so I thought why not offer it up for those reasons.

With huge windows, high ceilings, multiple skylights and an open staircase in the middle of the house, sun shines through this house all day long.

The house is modern, but also has an eclectic flair (with a collection of mid-century furnishings and many styles of art hanging on the wall).

This house has 4 floors, 4 separate balconies (which includes a big rooftop patio) and a backyard.

There are 2 bedrooms and an open-style loft on the top floor.

And, the main floor is open concept with great flow from the front entrance all the way to the back where the kitchen is.

If you're looking for a truly unique space for your next photo/film shoot or art gallery opening, this is the perfect space for you!

Caractéristiques :
Accès chaise roulante
Appareils électro disponible
Localisation de l'espace réservé:
Cour arrière
Salle familiale
Salle de jeux
Espace commercial
Salle de télévision
Patio sur le toît
Espace disponible pour événements:
Cocktail / Soirée
Production commerciale (Photo, Film)
Fête d'enfants
Soirée de jeu/ poker
Ateliers de travail
Evénement créatif
Événement général
Fête spéciale pour la mariée/maman
Club de lecture
Souper festif
Soirée film

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