Welcome to SpaceiShare, an online community where people can go to share in-home space.

Our goal is to connect people who need space with people who have space, all in a safe, trusted and reliable environment.
Instead of only having the option for corporate storage, parking and event space, we’re leveraging your neighbours, and the community at large, to make it a win-win for everyone.


Got Space to Spare?
Free to host

Make use of your unused space by renting it out to someone who needs some extra room to store their belongings. A 10x10 storage space could earn you $1,200/year.

On your terms

Rent out your empty parking space to someone who needs a permanent spot. A parking space on your driveway could mean a few hundred dollars in your pocket every season.

Easy money

Think someone would enjoy your home as much as you do? Sharing your home for a few days a year could earn you well over $1,000.

Imagine what you could do with the extra money each month!

Book a family holiday
More dinners out
Pay down mortgage
Child's tuition'
Child's tuition
The list goes on and on...
The more space you rent, the bigger you can dream!


Craving a Bit More Space?

Are things getting a little tight at home or have you had a major life change and require some additional space? Our Hosts will save you 30-50% (or more) compared to what you would pay at a self-storage facility.


Are you looking for a permanent parking spot near your home or office? Find listings for indoor and outdoor parking for a fraction of what you would pay at a commercial parking lot.


Do you love hosting events but find that your home isn’t big enough and outside venues are too expensive?  Now, you can host an event in the comfort of a home, have access to lots of unique venues and do it all for an affordable price.

Here is an example of how much you can save by renting from SpaceiShare Hosts.

10x10 unit in a traditional self-storage facility in Scarborough, Toronto = $250

Monthly fee for a permanent parking spot in a commercial lot in downtown Toronto = $260

Permit fee for hosting a 1 hour pool party in a Toronto city facility = $140


10x10 unit in the basement of a SpaceiShare Host’s home in Scarborough, Toronto = $125

Renting a parking spot at a SpaceiShare Host’s home in downtown Toronto = $150

Big backyard and pool for an entire afternoon (4-5 hours) at a SpaceiShare Host’s home = $300