About Us


We looked at the self-storage industry and realized
we could change the way people shared space.


Imagine having a place where everyone goes to share space. Need a place to store your belongings or looking for a nearby parking spot? How about a space for your tiny home, RV or boat? We're SpaceiShare. We help people who need space find people who have space.

Our story

Back in 2015, CEO Sarah Selhi realized that her relative would be spending $12,000 for two years of storage at a traditional self-storage facility. Not only was it a lot of money to spend storing, but her belongings were worth a fraction of that. What if she had found a neighbour’s home instead? The cost would have been far less while helping out a neighbour as well. After all, why build more buildings to store stuff while there are already existing spaces all around us? That “waste not” obsession became SpaceiShare.

SpaceiShare is a trusted, community-focused company that makes sharing fun. We exist to create technology that simplifies the process of finding and acquiring storage and parking space, while providing the insurance and liability required to give each and every user peace of mind.

Our team