Top 10 Tips for Renters


#1  Create a solid user profile

Your SpaceiShare profile is your chance to introduce yourself to other community members. Include a friendly photo, tell us a bit about yourself (e.g. what do you like to do in your spare time?) and link your profile with your other social network profiles. SpaceiShare is a community so let’s all get to know each other better!

#2  Review listings carefully

Always review the listings thoroughly including the description, features and House Rules so you are clear on what the Host is offering.

#3  Get to know your potential Hosts

Before moving forward with a reservation, take a bit of time learning about potential Hosts. To make things easy, you can communicate with all Hosts through SpaceiShare messaging.

#4  Complete SpaceiShare Agreement

Whether you are renting space for storage or parking, make sure to complete the SpaceiShare Agreement and have the Host sign it as well. Don’t forget to send the completed form back to SpaceiShare within 7 days.

#5  Make a list

If you’re renting space for storage, make sure you know what you’re storing. It’s easy to forget what is packed away in boxes, so make a list of all the items you’ll be storing and be sure to document it in the SpaceiShare inventory list and by taking photos. SpaceiShare coverage becomes available when your items are well documented and you pay through the platform.

#6  Treat your Host’s home like your own

When renting out space, remember that it’s someone’s home, so be clean, tidy and be careful not to damage the space. If this is a business property, please ensure you follow the rules of the building and treat the space as a proper tenant (ie. booking the elevator, accessing a FOB).

#7  Strong communication

Having good communication with your Host will ensure you have a solid relationship with them. Be clear with your requests and don’t forget to respond quickly when your Host reaches out to you.

#8  Take time to write a review

Don’t forget to write a review about your Host. The reviews will not only be beneficial for your Host, but everyone else in the SpaceiShare community. The more members rate each other, the better and stronger the community will be.

#9  Safe payments

Paying through SpaceiShare is quick, easy and secure. It will also ensure you are protected under SpaceiShare’s Terms & Conditions and cancellation/refund policies. If you make payments outside of SpaceiShare, your personal information will not be protected and you will be at greater risk of fraud and other security issues. You will also have no SpaceiShare coverage or liability if anything goes wrong.

#10  Insurance

We strongly recommend you review your homeowners or renters insurance to ensure you have suitable coverage. Most policies do not cover property outside of your home if your articles are outside your property for more than 30 days. The SpaceiShare Coverage and Liability policy is there to protect you from the actions of sharing space with someone but it’s important you adhere to the rules of the platform and ensure you fill out all information and take photos where required.

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