Community Outreach


At SpaceiShare, we believe that sharing and giving back to the community is important! SpaceiShare is committed to donating a portion of all profits to community organizations and we are pleased to present Aangen Community Centre as our current charitable benefactor. We were so inspired by Gurbeen and her team of passionate people, that we immediately felt a connection in what they’re working to achieve. Aangen programs support local issues, such as helping the homeless and hungry in Toronto, and international initiatives, such as bridging the gender gap in India.

Aangen is the Sanskrit word for the front yard of a home where the community gathers to give each other comfort, support and nurturing. Aangen is a not-for-profit organization and is completely self-sufficient. They believe that in order to help others to facilitate their own independence, they must facilitate their own. As such, they do not rely on government or external funding; they raise their own funds for all their programs. They provide wrap-around services which include:

  • help with housing
  • employment
  • groceries
  • legal aid
  • and more…to support those in challenging life situations.

They believe that everyone’s human rights need to be honoured and protected and so through their outreach initiatives, they focus on long-term and sustainable solutions.

Packing food for Zambia

Here’s a quick snapshot of where a percentage of the SpaceiShare funds will go:


One Love: Support of local GTA shelters
The One Love program was created to support local shelters by fulfilling their ‘wish list’ needs over the holidays. It was also created to remind ourselves and others that we are in this together, that we are equal and all deserving of a wonderful life. There are people who are suffering from mental illnesses; they could be facing distressed life situations and issues like abuse and poverty. It is our responsibility to take care of one another, One Love.

Yard Sale & Recycling Program
A bi-annual yard sale program where community members donate items that others can use, all to support recycling and waste reduction programs.

Robin Hood Food Program
One of the ways that Aangen is able to be self-sufficient is by selling locally sourced, farm fresh products to people in the community. They also believe that nutritious food is a human right. As such, their Robin Hood food program provides healthy food to those who cannot afford it.

Class of girls

Come and eat


Global Orphanage Program
Aangen has been supporting Naz India HIV/AIDS orphanage, amongst others in South America, the Caribbean and other developing regions for many years and continues to grow in its global reach. The goal is for every child to receive an education, nutritious food from sustainable sources, to be loved and to live a happy and fulfilled life.
Orphanages supported include:

  • Hime for Help (Maison Ke Kontan, Haiti)
  • From Joy, With Love (numerous locations in Asia)
  • Ulura Children’s Home (India)
  • Roatan Children’s Home (Honduras)

Biarienu (Come and Eat) Food Program in Ebe, Nigeria
The goal of this project is to build an industrial-sized kitchen and dining hall to serve students who go to school hungry. The overall purpose is to provide nutritious food to students who need proper meals to study and concentrate in class. Our hope is that we can support a system where the community in Ebe, Nigeria has food sustainability. In the meantime, as the kitchen is being built, the students have taken action in delivering food throughout the community every Thursday!