Top 10 Tips for Hosts


#1  Create a solid user profile

Your SpaceiShare profile is your chance to introduce yourself to Renters. Include a friendly photo, tell us a bit about yourself (e.g. what do you like to do in your spare time?) and link your profile with your other social network profiles. SpaceiShare is a community so let’s all get to know each other better!

#2  Accurate listing

Make sure your listing is accurate and detailed to help Renters envision your space for their needs.   Include high-quality photos and a full description with details such as size, access, a list of features and house rules. If your space is currently not “photo ready” - don’t worry. Find an image that best represents your space and move out your belongings before a Renter moves in. No need to wait to post!

#3  Make sure the price is right

As the Host, you get to decide what your space is worth, but remember that one of the reasons Renters use SpaceiShare is because they are looking for good value.   If you want help setting your price, check out the SpaceiShare Calculator below:


#4  Be responsive

To help you get your space rented out quickly, it’s essential that you respond to Renters promptly (within 24 hours). It’s equally as important to respond to Renters who are already in your space. This will ensure you have happy Renters and stellar reviews. Remember that SpaceiShare is all about community so it’s important that you do your part.

#5  Define house rules

Every home is set up differently so it’s no surprise that you may have some rules that are specific to your space. Be upfront about what your House Rules are so Renters are aware well in advance.

#6  Get to know your potential Renters

Before accepting reservations, take a bit of time learning about potential Renters. To make things easy, use SpaceiShare’s messaging to communicate with all possible Renters and find a good match for your space.

#7  Make sure your place shines

Take pride when welcoming Renters into your home! Ensure your space is clean and tidy and ready for Renters to use the moment they walk through your door.

#8  Take time to write a review

Don’t forget to write a review about your Renters. The reviews will not only be beneficial for the Renters, but everyone else in the SpaceiShare community. The more members rate each other, the better and stronger the community will be.

#9  Don’t accept payments outside of SpaceiShare

Accepting payments through SpaceiShare means you will never have to worry about chasing down Renters for money. It will also ensure you are protected under SpaceiShare’s Terms & Conditions and SpaceiShare Coverage and cancellation/refund policies.

#10  Insurance

We strongly recommend you review your current homeowners or renter’s insurance to ensure you have suitable liability coverage and property protection. Remember, not all policies are the same. The SpaceiShare Coverage policy is there to protect you from the actions of sharing space with someone but it’s important you adhere to the rules of the platform and ensure you fill out all information and take photos where required.

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