SpaceiShare Coverage

A Host and Renter Guarantee Policy

For your ultimate convenience and peace of mind, every eligible space booked is covered by our SpaceiShare coverage for both Hosts and Renters. When you transact through SpaceiShare, you are automatically covered by our “Space” Guarantee.

Coverage is included

There are no hidden charges & or extra fees for SpaceiShare. When you transact through our platform, all belongings and spaces provided to store those belongings are covered through the SpaceiShare Guarantee. Please review our terms & conditions to ensure you comply.

You’re Covered By The Best!

You’re in safe hands. SpaceiShare has a coverage guarantee.


SpaceiShare coverage covers our sharers’ for property and property damage (physical damage, destruction or loss of tangible property or loss of use of tangible property) subject to the SpaceiShare coverage policy terms and conditions. Please note that this coverage DOES NOT replace any existing personal/home or other similar types of insurance. Coverage is ONLY available to those that comply with our Terms and Conditions and meet the requirements of online payments and form submissions pertaining to SpaceiShare’s legal agreements. For further inquiries, please refer to our terms of use.

Do you have additional questions about our coverage? Our Community Specialists are always happy to help you. Reach out directly to or contact us Toll Free at 1-844-YR-SPACE (977-7223)


Third party verification

For that extra layer of security, we can provide third-party verification of the Host or Renter whom you’re sharing space.



To help build trust between users, SpaceiShare encourages all Hosts and Renters to review each other. SpaceiShare gives members the option to rate each other through a written review and/or star rating.


Secure payment

SpaceiShare uses Stripe to process all transactions. With Stripe, all member information is automatically encrypted and all credit cards and bank numbers are stored on servers that aren’t directly connected to the internet. As a Host, you can securely set up a Stripe account to receive payments or request e-transfers through your dashboard. Merchant fee costs apply.


Having a SSL Certificate ensures that all SpaceiShare user information is protected and encrypted.